Tuesday, August 11, 2009

This world will never be What I expected And if I don't belong Who would have guessed it

Wow, kinda forgot about my blog! Whoops! :)

There is alot to update on, but I will try to keep it as short as possible! Mikey and I ended up not staying together, we had alot of differences that didn't seem to be able to be worked out and it was mutual (for the most part). I had developed a little crush on a friend of mine, T and I knew that not being with Mikey was for the best. T and I ended up getting together and have been together for almost 3 months now. I believe he is my soul mate for real! I love every moment I have with him and he treats me like a princess! Because of this I have since moved out of my apt with Mikey and now I am living above the kennel I work for part time! I love the apt. it is so nice and big!!! I have been extremely happy in that aspect of my life, which of course means some other aspect has to take a beating because god forbid everything just go right in my life. Money sucks for me right now because of moving into my new place. I literally have $0 and many bills to pay! It stresses out big time and on top of that I HATE my full time job. There's too much girly drama which I hate and am not used to. Sure there was a little drama at Enterprise, but it was never like this! I am so bored everyday and dealing with bitchiness and cattiness does not help!!! I just count the hours until 5 everday. Someone please tell me why I went to college to do something I hate!!! =(

Anyways, enough of that, T's birthday is today and on Sunday I took him to the Phillies game for his bday! It was super hot out and the Phils lost but we had a blast anyways!!

View from our seats!!!


My babe and I at the game!!