Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Random thoughts...

Hello! Welcome to my new blog! =) I figured I would start this thing because my friends that have babies are all doing it! I don't have babies, but I have my little chihuahua and she is my angel and I pretty much consider her my baby, so I guess it counts!

The first picture is of her being her cute little self when I took her on mine and her first camping trip to Raystown Lake last summer (2008)!

As I write this I am taking a break from work at my job at AAA. Currently, I live my boyfriend, Mikey and his roommate, Chris! It's definitely interesting living with two boys, but I love it! Here's a pic. of my two silly roomies!

I love all of the friends I have made in my 3 years of living in Harrisburg and I do miss all of my friends from home too! I am going to try to keep this updated so I can look back on all of my memories! Check back soon and I will leave ya with some fun pictures!!

This is a picture of my boyfriend and I at his friend's wedding about a month or so after we started dating!

The above pictures is of me and my girls that I work with at AAA on Valentine's Day! We sure like to celebrate holidays!!

This is one of my favorite pictures! I met Paris Hilton on November 29, 2008! Best day ever! She was just as awesome in person!!
Well, I shall post more later when I get a chance!

You know you love me! xoxo <3>

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